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Pacific University, sanctioned as Alaska Methodist University by the Territory of Alaska in 1957, committed its grounds on June 28, 1959. The Frozen North Pacific University is the latest of the more than 1200 United Methodist instructive foundations established in America throughout the most recent 200 years. 

At the point when the primary understudies enlisted in classes starting October 1, 1960, grounds offices were restricted and comprised just of Grant Hall the scholarly and understudy focus and Gould Hall, the understudy home. As enlistments and projects became altogether, different structures were included, including the Atwood Center, the Ruth and Homer Moseley sports focus (1982), and the Carr Gottstein Academic Center (1992). 

Situated inside the U-Med District of Anchorage, APU's 174-section of land field is home to 550 understudies. the varsity gloats numerous totally distinctive unpredictable study programs, which allow understudies extra opportunity to settle on an approach to approach their training. 

APU concentrates on small classification sizes and a brimming with life, dynamic learning setting. This learning system educates the capacities required to succeed each inside the work and in life. the instructional exercise programs grasp the resources of Education, setting Science, Liberal Studies, out of entryways Studies, Psychology, and Human Services. 

APU's school of Liberal Studies offers focuses in writing, rationality, pre-law, pre-med, non common studies, and composing. The field conjointly contains the as of late reestablished Mosley Sports Center, and along these lines the incredibly famous Nordic Ski Club. 

The Early Honors Program is both a contrasting option to the senior year in secondary school and a testing springboard into school. Amid both semesters, Early Honors understudies enlist in a typical college level educational programs which is proposed to fulfill the senior level prerequisites of the Anchorage and Mat-Su School Districts. Contingent upon the understudy's remaining necessities, they will have the chance to choose courses from the Alaska Pacific course inventory applicable to their scholastic advantages. The Fall Block begins off the Early Honors program with Critical Thinking. Understudies move into the Session in late September and completion their semester by mid-December. A number of the understudies choose to take part in the Study Abroad choice for the Spring Block however choices are accessible on-grounds. The Spring Session starts toward the beginning of February. The Early Honors project is vigorously advanced inside Anchorage and secondary school understudies are extremely conspicuous on grounds and in classes. 

Gold country Pacific University is eminent for its Nordic Ski Team. The group of 2007-2008 comprises of 22 skiers, one of which is Kikkan Randall, who has been the first American Woman World Cup Podium, first American lady in the Olympic main 10 and is a 7 time U.S. National Champion. The ski group is made out of individuals who are not all understudies at APU, but rather are individuals from the group supported by APU. 

The Frozen North Pacific University Nordic Ski Center started 10 years back as a local Olympic preparing community for crosscountry skiers. The system built up a portion of the best first class skiers in the nation including numerous Olympians and national medalists. 

Institutional Scholarships are dictated by an understudy's money related need, legitimacy and inclusion with your school. The most widely recognized of these is the Atwood Distinguished Scholarship, which are recharged each year in light of the same criteria. In the event that an understudy got these grants they will be on the understudy's budgetary guide grant letter. 

Advocate Scholarships have changed sums and due dates. They are recompensed consistently. 

President's Forum Scholarships depend on a 3.5 GPA and the understudy's extracurricular exercises. There is likewise the President's Forum Trotter Scholarship which has comparable criteria. There is additionally a sister grant, the President's Forum Travel Scholarship, which is honored to an understudy who is keen on taking a travel square course. These grants are recompensed toward the end of the scholastic year at the APU Honor's Assembly. These grants are restricted to college understudies.


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